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Valuable New Customers, Guaranteed

Since a minimum number of people must buy for the offer to be valid, CollegeBudget Deals guarantees paying customers. These subscribers are not looking for “the perfect deal.” They’re looking for the perfect excuse to try something new. The average CollegeBudget Deals customer spends 60 percent more than the value of the CollegeBudget Deals.


Efficient, Measurable, Risk-Free Marketing

It costs nothing to be featured on CollegeBudget Deals. We make money by taking a piece of each CollegeBudget Deals we sell. In other words, we only win if you win – and you know what you’re getting at every step of the process

An Exclusive Spotlight for Your Business

When you’re the feature on CollegeBudget Deals, you are the star! We run no other features in your city for that day. It's just you selling directly to an eager audience of thousands.

Big Exposure, Bigger Word of Mouth

A CollegeBudget Deals feature puts you in front of hundreds of thousands of subscribers nationwide — with thousands more opting in each day. Our subscribers share your offer with everyone they know via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. This buzz will continue to attract new customers for months following your feature.


What CollegeBudget Deals brings to the table...

For all the thousands a print ad, radio spot, or TV commercial will cost your business, you get no guarantee in return.

CollegeBudget Deals, on the other hand, gives you a fast, easy, risk-free alternative that achieves marketing goals far beyond the scope of traditional media.


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Receive attention from both
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About CollegeBudget

We are revolutionizing student discounts! CollegeBudget is an exclusive college student-only shopping network. Students deserve a price break- We negotiate the best deals with top brands and upcoming products, in order to save students money. Students, shop together and reinforce the student discount!

For Businesses

Looking for new customers? Social media buzz? A positive branding opportunity? Run a student-only deal (.edu email verified) and make the magic work. College students are young and upwardly mobile. Promote a student discount on, and gain new customers!